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Jane's Guest House offers outstanding 4 star Guest House accommodation and fully equipped self catering cottages and units for the discerning guest.
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The West Coast offers more scenic beauty and adrenaline thrills than you can ever imagine. Wild flowers in spring, whale watching, picnics, watersports, open-air eateries on the beach and sailing in the beautiful bay of Saldanha.
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Vredenburg - Gateway to the Cape West Coast of South Africa
The town of Vredenburg is 138km north of Cape Town and forms the business hub of the West Coast.  With a stunning new shopping mall, The Weskus Mall, the town of Vredenburg serves as an ideal shopping and dining destination for visitors to Jane's Guest House and Self Catering establishment.  For visits to Veldrif, St Helena Bay and Paternoster the town of Vredenburg is ideally centrally located.

A dispute between two farmers over ownership rights of the fresh water spring running through the town led to its original name, Twisfontein (Direct English Translation: "quarrel spring"), and its subsequent name, Prosesfontein (Direct English Translation: "lawsuit spring"). With the building of a Dutch Reformed Church, in 1875, close to this infamous spring, the town was renamed Vredenburg (Direct English Translation: "peaceful town").

In 1880 the first school was built in the town. The main water pipeline was built after World War II resulting in the entire town and west coast region experiencing a boom in growth. One coastal town after the other was established and in 1975 Vredenburg and Saldanha formed the amalgamated Vredenburg/Saldanha municipality to administer the region as a unit - the biggest municipal area in South Africa.

During the winter seasonal rainfall months the countryside in and around Vredenburg transforms into green wheat fields and a colour burst of wild flowers bringing tourists from far and wide.

Vredenburg is near the Columbine Nature Reserve in Paternoster, the West Coast National Park and Langebaan, which offers a variety of water sports as well as a casino.

Things To Do:

  • Horse riding
  • Canoeing
  • Hiking
  • Variety of arts and crafts
  • Bird watching
  • Golf
    Vredenburg offers an excellent 9 hole golf course just 10 minutes away from Jane's Guest House in Saldanha
    Tel: +27 (0) 22 715-3003
Tourism Information:
Tel: 022 - 715 1142
Office Hours After Hours SALDANHA Office Hours After Hours
Ambulance 10177 10177 Municipal Traffic (022) 703 6100 (022) 701 7061
Electricity (022) 701 7096 (022) 701 7061 NSRI 082 990 5966 082 990 5966
Fire (022) 703 6100 (022) 701 7061 Police (022) 714 8333 (022) 714 8333
Hospital Private (022) 719 1030 (022) 719 1030 Provincial Hospital (022) 709 7200 (022) 709 7200
Hospital Provincial (022) 709 7200 (022) 709 7200 Provincial Traffic (022) 713 1286 076 334 6935
Poison Information Centre
(021) 931 6129 (021) 931 6129 Saldanha Bay Port Control (022) 714 1726 (022) 714 2617
(022) 703 5310

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On Saturday night I and my companion stayed at Jane's Guest House, Camp St Saldanha. In the morning we discovered one of our vehicles had overnight been broken into by thieves who stole various items...
William Crawford
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